Our IT Solution Expertise: Supply of IT equipment. get a quote learn more Web Design & Hosting. MEP Design & Consultancy. Solar Power Systems. And so many more... Our IT Solution Expertise: Supply of IT equipment. get a quote learn more Web Design & Hosting. MEP Design & Consultancy. Solar Power Systems. And so many more...
These Are IT Solutions Business Services

Our experienced engineers are passionate about creating unique places for our clients by providing innovative IT solutions for businesses, global corporate sites, critical infrastructure and domestic use.

  • Corporate Site

We help our clients across financial services, telecommunication, oil & gas, manufacturing, education and to build website that revolutionise their businesses, create attractive yet professional contents to lure and retain customers.

Corporate Website Solution
  • Networking Solutions

We offer design and install cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. Our design and installation is governed by a set of standards (such as ISO/IEC, CENELEC, BSI and TIA) that specify wiring data centers, offices and apartment buildings or inter-building  connection for data, voice and specialized services using Cat6, Power over Ethernet and fiber optic cabling.

Successful cabling projects require proper design, planning, products and installation practices. We deploy turnkey design and installation of fiber optics, Cat 6A, Power over Ethernet, voice and security solution for data centers, IT infrastructures, offices, hospitals and domestic buildings.

LAN/WAN/WLAN allows mobile devices to connect easily within a predetermined environment. Users with mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and electronic notebooks can share resources from the same subscription via wireless connection. This solution is suitable for hotels, campuses, hospitals, offices and homes. We provide enterprises with high fidelity network that can meet emerging demands with bandwidth that will allow you keep up with rising data use of the years to come.

  • Electronics Security Solutions

Current technology has provided advanced techniques in preventing unauthorized access to facilities and restricted areas. Our access control solution give absolute power to owners/facility managers to perform authorization authentication, recording and monitoring of people who get access into their facilities. These technologies include biometric access control, magnetic door lock, motion detection, bugler alarm, biometric time attendant, proximity scanners, automated doors and perimeter electric fence.

Fire detection and control is very important in protecting facilities and critical infrastructure from fire. An early detection can get you out of a situation that would potentially turn into a tragedy. We install fire alarm panel and detectors for high rise buildings, offices, factories, hospitals and schools. We also install fire extinguishing system such as FM200.

A secured building is a productive environment; facilities and personnel are safe. Our cost effective CCTV surveillance solution for commercial and domestic buildings, farms, campuses, hospitals and hotels will enable you for 24/7 surveillance, remote monitoring, deter opportunistic attach and ease investigation. We also provide specialized forensic /analytics CCTV services for the security operatives.

Graphical presentation of Electronic Security System
  • MEP Design
Plant room MEP paradigm

Effective building electrical network & security system are critical components to managing energy, security and emergency response in modern day building. Data network, electrical system and security account for about 75% of total building cost. We provide turnkey building mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services which specify the highest standards that meet our customers’ requirement and budget. Our design solution complies with relevant regulations and quality standards such as ISO, IEC, IEE, and BSI.

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in commercial buildings, hospitals, campuses and domestic buildings.

  • TV System (SMATV/DAS)

There is nothing more frustrating than having poor TV reception and bad picture quality especially in today’s digital revolution. We are here to help make technical specifics when you want to enjoy digital TV reception. We design and install Satellite and Master Antenna TV (SMATV) and Distributed Antenna for commercial and domestic buildings with each subscribers having full liberty of operation without affecting each other. SMATV consists of single outdoor unit antenna feeding to number of indoor units in which to provide reception of TV/FM channels for hotels, schools motels, dormitories, hospitals and commercial properties with multiple tenants. Our competitive solution will guarantee you the highest digital quality, centralised operation and installation that can stand the test of time.

  • Design
  • Cabling
  • Satellite Installation.
  • Centralized and remote management.
  • Subscribers independence.
IPTV System