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Our Cost Effective Power Solutions

There is a far margin between energy demand and energy generated by the utility companies. Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise; availability and reliability of energy is a key limiting factor for business productivity. The importance of individual energy sources and options for power generation is unquantifiable. Power generation is becoming more and more decentralized making grid management increasingly complex.

Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services covering the entire energy value chain. Specifically, it calls for a comprehensive portfolio of physical and digital technologies, products and solutions that allow businesses to build reliable energy system for the future. Our power portfolio provide state-of-the-art solution ranging from Solar Photovoltaic power, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Battery Management, Electrical Network and Remote Monitoring System – all backed up by exceptional service offerings and genuine commitment to effectively address our customers’ individual needs.

When you need to expand your data centre beyond its current walls, renovate its infrastructure or build a completely new site, we offer end-to-end critical power solutions, providing customers with the highest levels of availability, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved energy efficiency.

Our Approach
  • Energy Audit.

We understand that decrease in the final energy consumption does not always either entail the reduction of primary energy consumptions or economic saving. The building energy audit seeks to analyse the energy consumptions produced by a building with the aim of proposing measures to reduce them, as well as the related emissions and the economic cost of the energy used. We design models with precision to reproduce the periodic consumption, evaluate the interest of the saving measures proposed and evaluate the influence of the variables not measured in the consumption pattern.

  • Fully Integrated System Design

Power supply that give stability, redundancy, and a reliable power distribution network that protects equipment, achieves high efficiency and saves energy at the same time are our primary considerations in every design. We aim to achieve flexibility and minimize operational cost to the minimum

  • Seamless Installation and maintenance

Our engineers and technician are well trained hands in the industry and we continually strive to improve in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectation.

  • Integrated Remote Management System

We select best industry products with addressable features that allow administrators and technicians and facility managers to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for wasteful service calls.

We in install devices that have the capability to perform regularly scheduled shutdowns and startups, offering additional cost savings via reduced energy consumption.

Features of our Power Solution
  • Client-specified approach though a comprehensive energy audit.
  • Clean, noiseless, smokeless and completely renewable energy.
  • Remote monitoring system and power management.
  • Automated power supply.
Our Portfolio
  • Residential Back UP, UPS and Hybrid Power Supply.
  • Commercial Back UP, UPS and Hybrid Power Supply.
  • Industrial Back UP, UPS and Hybrid Power Supply.
  • Telecom/Data Centre Back UP, UPS and Hybrid Power Supply
  • Rural Solar Electrification.
  • Solar Street Lighting System.

Conventional electricity can be a significant source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to green power can help improve the environmental profile of your electricity use, while also providing other valuable benefits.

With the current challenge of electricity market, we see solar power as the future of electricity in Nigeria. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, clean, productive and efficient power solution for all our clients. Our Solar power solution includes remote management, automatic switching and system protection which give our clients total control over energy usage. We design, size, procure and install reliable and safe solar power for multi-level clients at competitive cost.

We offer a complete solution for solar power integration and connection including, power conversion (Inverters, Rectifier and UPS), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support from energy audit, sizing, design, solar panel, DC output to the grid connection.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint associated with your purchased electricity.
  • Hedge against future electricity price increases and volatility.
  • Doesn’t emit carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or particulate matter into the air.
  • Little to Zero maintenance and management cost.
  • Brings development to rural areas, where renewable facilities are often sited to take advantage of ample space and resource potential.
composite of solar panel and wind turbine graphic on green field background with lightbulb

High cost of electricity is not a factor that businesses can afford to ignore when considering their overhead. Epileptic power supply, voltage sagging, voltage dips voltage surges are major treats to productivity for many organizations; data centres and small scale businesses and this can result in damage and total loss of sensitive equipment. Our carefully designed Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system will ensure companies can protect their mission critical applications by maintaining a steady flow of energy under adverse circumstances.

To help companies prepare for increasing success, Orasopee engineers are dedicated to meeting this need. We provide comprehensive UPS solution covering energy audit, hybrid solar power design, and installation through maintenance with fully integrated remote management system at competitive cost.

  • Benefits of our Green Energy Solution (Solar and UPS)
Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Noiseless, smokeless, steady, safe and reliable power.
  • Save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges.
  • Protect your costly appliances from strange voltage spike.
  • Prioritize consumption of solar power ahead of utility power.
  • Avoid utility peak usage or time of usage charges.
  • Security from grid outage with reliable back-up power.
  • Gain energy independence, access to electricity and minimize cost.
  • Reduce diesel generator costs for your home/business leveraging on off-grid solution.
  • Save your business from unpredictable power outages with backup power supply.
  • Complete reliability with industry leading solution.
  • Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage.
  • Build confidence in your customers and maximize profit.

The aesthetics of modern architecture is meaningless without the blend of IT and smart electrical networks. We design and install clean electrical cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, distribution panels, automatic transfer switches (ATS), sockets, breakers and light fittings for commercial ad domestic buildings, hotels, hospitals and malls.

Our wiring system is subject to safety standards for design and installation; we use allowable wire and cable types and size that are specified according to the circuit operating voltage and electric current capability, with further restriction on the environmental conditions such as ambient temperature range, moisture levels and exposure to sunlight and chemicals.

When you need electrical system with high functional specification that complies with relevant standards such as IEE and IEC or you need to cable your building for automation, we are always on stand-by to meeting your needs.

Smart Homes electrical is at the forefront of electrical installation, we are always on the lookout for new technical advances in this field. Our smart electrical system for homes and businesses incorporate with security allows users to have total control with maximum comfort.

  • Smart lighting.
  • Smart multimedia.
  • Smart security
  • Smart heating and ventilation
  • Smart production storage and charging.