Orasopee Communication unveiled one-day free “Xpo-preneur Workshop”

Babs Olugbemi at Orasopee Communication event - Xpo-preneur Workshop

The one-day workshop organised recently in Ikotun, Lagos, by Orasopee Communication Ventures was designed and aimed at exposing participants to the values of digital technology, how to start and grow their business using the right tools. Participants were also taking through the importance of acquiring digital skills with the aim of combating crimes using current technology.

One of our chief facilitator, Babs Olugbemi, a fellow chartered accountant with over 20 years’ international banking experience, spoke on “Personal Effectiveness and Leadership.”

Babs, quoting Dee Hock, founder and former Chief Executive Officer, Visa, said, “The first and paramount responsibility of anyone who purports to manage is to manage one’s self: one’s own integrity, character, ethics, knowledge… It is the management of the self that should occupy 50 percent of our time and the best of our ability.”

Victor Monday at Orasopee Communication Event - "Xpo-preneur Workshop"

Victor Monday at Orasopee Communication Event – “Xpo-preneur Workshop”

Technology dominates the everyday conduct of human life. We are in an era where emerging security challenges are tackled globally by advances in technology. The security landscape in Nigeria requires every citizens to be informed and utilised digital skills and current transformation in technology to address uniquely Nigerian problems and change peoples’ perception about using digital media.  Against this backdrop, the Nigerian Police Force, school teachers, bankers among others took part in the insightful programme.

Our qualified and seasoned facilitators are second to none, Olalude Oluwasegun, a qualified Electronic and Electrical Engineer, he is also a member of Nigerian Society of Engineers and a distinguished trainer. Victor Monday, Chief Executive Officer, Vikan Technologies, a full support and solution based information technology and digital marketing agency in Lagos.  Kelechi Nwaji, founder of Deft Packet, a reputable web development company in Nigeria.

One of the participants, Akin Olayinka, said “I am really dazzled with the skills of each of the facilitators. I am glad my coming is not a waste of time. Now, I confidently know what to do more in terms of security consciousness and growing my business using the right digital tools.”

Organisers, Facilitators and Participants in group photograph after the Event - "Xpo-preneur Workshop"

Organisers, Facilitators and Participants in group photograph after the Event – “Xpo-preneur Workshop”

At the end of the workshop, participants were intentionally willing and ready to making judicious use of the knowledge and values of digital technology to start, grow their business or skills to complement their current income and to promote and build their brands.

The workshop delivery strategies was geared to helping participants come to appreciate the need for a vocational and technical skill in improving their employability irrespective of the university degree acquired.

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