Who We Are


Orasopee Communication is a close-knit, but flexible company. We are specialists in the design, printing, training (human capacity development) and IT solution services such as structured cabling; managed network; MEP designs; and renewable energy. We handle client-specified jobs, providing professional guidance while ensuring clients’ unique needs are met and delivered without compromising quality.

Our publishing unit offers full range of design and print services to a variety of clients operating across many different industry sectors. We are a one-stop shop for all your printing requirements; our customised solutions are tailored specifically to your individual needs, ensuring the best results every time throughout the pre-press, printing, finishing and binding process. We also handle client-specified jobs, providing professional guidance while ensuring our clients’ unique design and printing needs are met and delivering large or small orders without disappointment.

At Orasopee, we believe in creating value for our customers who are looking for the highest quality of printing services. Our strong reputation is built on the successful delivery of all assignments, no matter how challenging the brief or how tight the time-frame. From business cards to corporate brochures, newspaper/magazine layout, we collaborate with the customer to understand their requirements fully and to provide the optimal results using the highest specifications appropriate for their budget.

Publishing & Printing
Adobe Indesign
CorelDraw Suite
Adobe Illustrator
Graphics Design
Our Impact Center

A view of some snapshots of our very conducive Human Capacity Building room for the numerous courses we offer. Designed for greater achievement of knowledge impartation

Orasopee Impact Center
Electronic Payment Channels in the Nigeria Banking Sector Q3 2016
Analysis on Business

Using our collective creation abilities to create new and more diverse value. We provide customers with support on communications from research to planning, to sales promotion and to content production. We seek to improve the value of communication in general. With our evolving skills and expertise, we intend to realise customers’ imaginations.

  • We passionately listen to our customers’ ideas.
  • With concept, precision & desire, we give it our all.
  • We work with time to deliver. We’re dependable.
Customers' Perspective

We handle all aspects of production not only printed materials such as catalogues, information magazines, calendars, packages, but also digital media: digital images and movies, websites, mobile applications, branding/corporate visual identity tools, and event promotion tools

We help promote the computerisation of customers’ information systems, and also offer IT services, design and installation of such systems.

Our Vision

To create unique and value-added services for our clients.

Our Mission

To offer specialised client-specific services in branding/corporate visual identity, IT and training.

Our Core Values
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Impact
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